On the case of European iPhone 11 left certification marks. In the US, smartphones sell with clean covers

New iPhones are the first Apple devices without signatures on the back cover.

CE marks and crossed out rubbish symbol on iPhone 11 (Product) Red 

The European versions of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have been labeled “CE” and the symbol of the crossed-out rubbish bin due to EU requirements. In the US, devices are sold without characters on the back. This was noticed by the editor of The Verge Tom Warren, who lives in the UK.

“If you’re interested, then yes, the iPhone 11 Pro in Europe has these CE logos because the EU requires them to be visible.”

However, in the case of some colors, Apple tried to hide the presence of markings as much as possible. For example, in the color “Space Gray” it is almost invisible.

Twitter photo of 
Benjamin Mayo 

Apparently, the iPhone sold in Russia will also receive a mark. On the device, which was at the disposal of the TJ, there are corresponding logos.

The CE mark confirms that the device has been approved as safe for use in the European Union. And the symbol of the crossed-out garbage can is a marker of the WEEE organization, which means that the smartphone should not be thrown away with household waste. Both markers are required for application on certain categories of products in the European Union.

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro were the first Apple iPhones in which the company got rid of the inscriptions on the back cover. Prior to that, they wrote an iPhone model and “made in China.”

The back side of the iPhone 11 in the American version of Digital Trends Photo


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