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Nicolas Cage fights with a jaguar in the compartments of the ship in the new trailer “Primeval”

The premiere is scheduled for November 8th.

Director Nick Powell and Nicolas Cage have already worked together. In 2014, the actor played in the movie “In Exile” – the debut film of Powell.

Along with Cage, key roles will be played by Kevin Durand (Swamp Thing), Famke Janssen (X-Men: Days of the Future Past), LaMonica Garrett (TV shows Flash and Arrow) and Michael Imperioli (Mad Dogs).

Frank Walsh – a hunter and collector of rare exotic animals – caught the priceless albino jaguar, thereby breaking the big jackpot. In addition to the cat, in the holds of the ship on which Frank is sailing home, there are other animals like snakes and monkeys, as well as a professional killer in custody. At one point, the killer escapes and frees all the animals, raising chaos on the ship.

The premiere of the film in cinemas and digital format will be held on November 8. The premiere date in the Russian Federation is not indicated, but it is possible that it will appear later.


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