Internet celebrity cat Lil Bab died

One of the most popular cats on the Internet, which became known for its unusual appearance and behavior, died at the age of eight. The owner of Lil Bab – Mike Bridawski – reported this to more than three million subscribers on the page of the animal.

Lil Bub was born with a set of congenital anomalies, which influenced her appearance. The cat became the subject of a number of genetic studies, and also helped raise more than $ 700 thousand for the needs of animals like her.


Lil Bab began to gain popularity shortly after birth at about the same time as Grumpy Kat – they were born in 2011 (this year she was found on the street) and 2012, respectively.

Lil Bab “led” her own Instagram, where she had 2.4 million followers.


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