In social networks, they remembered the “fish cannon”. This is a real fish transportation system in the USA

It helps animals overcome dams and dams created by man.

In August , a video about the “fish cannon” was distributed on social networks , with the help of which fish are thrown through dams. It turned out that this is a real system created in 2014 by Whooshh Innovations.

It is a long pipe that moves fish upstream of the river to bypass dams. Fish is “charged” into the system on the one hand and “shot” to it on the other.

Inside the tunnel, animals accelerate to 35 kilometers per hour, but this is safe for them: the authors claim that the walls of the pipes are made of soft material, and water flows inside. The whole process of moving takes a few seconds.

For mating, many species move upstream of the rivers, but they are not always able to get to spawning due to artificial obstacles created by people. Whooshh Innovations came up with a “fish cannon” to help migratory species, including salmon.

The first device was introduced in 2014, when the company recorded a video in which employees “charge” the fish into the system. However, since then Whooshh Innovations has improved the mechanism, and now everything happens automatically: the fish themselves swim into the pipe.

The system can move up to 50 thousand fish per day. For five years, the company sold 20 copies of the “fish cannon”. The main buyers were US environmental agencies.


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