In Florida, a man was arrested who cut the brakes of more than a hundred electric scooters

Police received no complaints of injuries due to inoperative brakes.

Fort Lauderdale Police Video taken by Ring Smart Doorbell

Fort Lauderdale police conducted a special operation to detain a man involved in vandalism of electric scooters. He walked around the city and cut the brakes, damaging more than a hundred devices in six months. This is stated on the NBC Miami website.

The police made the bait by putting electric scooters in front of the “smart” doorbell Ring, which is equipped with a camera. The man was arrested when he cut the brakes and tried to hide.

The vandal turned out to be a resident of Florida Randall Thomas Williams. Since April 2019, he has applied about 140 electric scooters.

The man was detained, but he did not give a confession and was released on bail pending trial. If Williams is found guilty, he will have to pay repair in the amount of $ 70 for each damaged scooter, and all other fines.

Police said Williams was involved in vandalizing electric scooters within a two-block radius of his own home. After that, Lime scooter took all its devices out of the area, and users were warned to inform scooter operators about problems with their devices.

As noted in Engadget, although the police did not receive statements about injuries from broken brakes, this is extremely dangerous. Due to the speeds at which users move and their proximity to cars, the lack of brakes can be fatal.

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