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Ikea has launched a YouTube channel for those who want to sleep. It shows live how the ship transports furniture

The channel was created in the wake of the success of Ikea's Sleepy Podcast.

IKEA Australia YouTube Channel Video

Ikea’s Australian office launches Slow TV Channel on YouTube. It is intended for those who have trouble sleeping, writes adnews.

A live video shows how Ikea furniture in containers is being transported to Australian stores on a ship. Ikea Kent and Sarah Ericsson comment on the trip – they read the pages from the Ikea 2020 catalog.

The ship will take two weeks to travel to Australia. He will be at his destination on September 26th.

In the spring of 2019, the company launched the Sleep Podcast for those who want to relax and fall asleep. In it, Kent and Sarah Ericsson pronounce the names of Ikea furniture for 35 minutes.


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