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“Geniuses are the ones who inspired me”: Hideo Kojima visited the show “Evening Urgant”

The game designer does not consider himself a genius, but "he is trying very hard to be one."

Evening Urgant Issue with Hideo Kojima

On October 3, game designer Hideo Kojima came to the Evening Urgant show. The creator of the games spoke about his attitude to the “genius title”, played with the host in Street Fighter II and took a picture with Timur Batrudinov.

Before the conversation, Ivan Urgant emphasized the importance of the moment – the creator of the games first visited the federal channel. Kojima went on stage to the song “The Fall” from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. First, Urgant asked the game designer how he felt about being constantly called a genius. Kojima replied that he did not consider himself to be such: “But since they say that, I’ll probably someday become one.”

Then the presenter asked whether such a glory puts pressure on the author. Kojima admitted that he was crushing, but at the same time helping creativity: “If there is no this pressure, then how to do something good? All creators feel this tension and because of this overcome themselves. I try to use the support that they give me and do a better job. ”

Photo “Evening Urgant”

When Urgant asked Kojima to name those whom he considers geniuses, the game designer could not choose one. He mentioned the director Andrei Tarkovsky, but did not name others: “Geniuses are those who have had any influence on me.”

Then Urgant showed photos of three Russian actors from the films that Kojima saw – Alexei Serebryakov from Leviathan, Nikita Mikhalkov from Burnt by the Sun, and Leonid Yarmolnik from It’s Hard to Be a God. The host asked who the game designer would take into his game. The creator of the games could not choose, saying that he would take all three.

Kojima also explained how he creates games. He tries to use both hemispheres, first introducing a general concept, and then coming up with details. At the same time, the game designer takes an active part in all stages of production: from script to production and design. The release also featured a trailer for his upcoming game Death Stranding.

When asked Kojima how many hours you can play per day, he stated that he plays mostly his games – sometimes from morning to evening. The game designer is interrupted by watching movies or reading books. Urgant joked that Russian children are grateful to him for such advice.

In the finale of the show, Urgant and Kojima played Street Fighter II on an arcade machine. The creator of the games won, but admitted that he likes shooters rather than fighting games.

The second guest of the issue was Timur Batrudinov – Kojima took a picture with him and posted the picture on his twitter.

After the release, the assistant game designer posted his photo with earflaps.

Hideo Kojima tonight


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