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Fox Channel Applied for OK BOOMER Trademark Registration for Future Show

It was fast.

Joshua Gerben, founder of Gerben Law Firm, a trademark company, drew attention to the application.

Fox submitted the application to the United States on November 11, and as Herben noted, this does not happen just like that – apparently, the channel really intends to release a show with that name.

Judging by the description of the brand, the project can be like a reality show, comedy or television game.

As CNN noted , Fox is not the first to register “Ok Boomer” as a trademark. At the end of October , a certain application was submitted by a certain Kevin Yen, but already for a clothing brand, and in early November, producer William Grundfest for his personal show about the difference of generations. In his case, the name is written with punctuation marks – “OK, BOOMER!”.

The phrase “Okay Boomer” is used by young generations to ridicule the elders, and recently it is often used as a meme – some people at the same time consider it an insult.

Fox Channel has applied for the registration of a commodity …That’s what Boomer would have done, they decided on social networks.


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