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“Euphoria” – a HBO series about American teens, drugs and sex

On HBO launched the series “Euphoria”, an adaptation of the Israeli series about drug addicted adolescents, based on real events.

The series can already be viewed in Amediatek

The plot of the drama takes place a year later, after the murder of a teenager near the club. Friends and classmates of the victim try to escape from the consequences of the tragedy as they can, someone through drugs, someone through sex and parties, and someone through social networks. Thus, the heroes are trying to find the meaning of life, which they think they have lost, but the main character Roo soon realizes that in this way they only go deeper into the abyss of problems.


The executive producers of the series were Ron Leshem (aka screenwriter), Daphne Levin (director) and Tmira Yardeni (producer), as well as rapper Drake and DJ Future the Prince.

Francesca Orsi, HBO’s senior vice president of drama series, described the future youth series as a mixture of Larry Clarke’s The Kids and The Needle, Danny Boyle. The first season will consist of ten episodes. The premiere of the pilot episode is expected in June.


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