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Elon Musk appeared in Rick and Morty – it turns out he hinted at a cameo back in March

When in March 2019, Elon Musk changed his Twitter name to Elon Tusk, also adding elephant emoji to it (the word “tusk” means “tusk”), many did not understand what it was for.

There were many theories then, but people did not attach any importance to this, since Musk often jokes on his Twitter about and without.

As it turned out, the point in this action was still – it was revealed on November 24 in the third episode of the fourth season of “Rick and Morty”. It was in her that a character named Elon T ask appeared, which was voiced by Elon Musk himself.


Task is an alternative version of Musk from another universe in which all people have tusks, and Tesla is called Tuskla. The character himself helps Rick build a robot to rob.

Against this background, viewers remembered that back in 2017, when Musk was asked if he was watching “Rick and Morty,” he called the show “a little nasty,” although he admitted that he liked it.

Yes. It’s a little nasty, but my guys and I like it.

The authors of the series then reacted to his recording.

“A little nasty”? You wait, until the end of the season we will disgust all members of the Musk family.


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