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Disney + officially launched, and the first series of “Mandalorians” has already appeared on torrents

The Disney + online movie theater has already launched in the United States along with Mandalorets, the first original series for him. First episodein just a couple of minutes managed to appear on several torrent trackers.

Against the background of the launch, several news about the service appeared at once.

Ratings will not be disclosed

According to The Verge, Disney is not going to publicly share ratings of exclusive titles online movie theater.

Disney executives simply do not see the point in publishing such information, although the content authors themselves will still receive data on what indicators their films and shows have created.

One of Disney’s main arguments is that due to public ratings, each individual result will receive increased attention, and companies don’t want this to happen.

Netflix, one of Disney +’s main competitors, shares its showings, although it does so selectively. Previously, the service was often criticized for stealth, and now it is trying to be more “transparent”.

Ratings are also important in discussing whether to extend a particular show for next season. However, Disney sometimes does not even need to wait for an exit to make such a decision – for example, John Favreau has been busy with the second season of the Mandalore for several months now.

Films about Spider-Man is not worth the wait

In a conversation with The Verge, Disney representatives confirmed that “Homecoming” and “Away from Home” with Tom Holland have not yet been scheduled for release at Disney +, although both are part of the MCU storyline.

The exact reason for this decision is not called, but it is likely that it is in the context of a new deal with Sony.

Recently, there was a conflict between Disney and Sony, which almost ended with the release of Spider-Man from the MCU, but the parties found a common language – in particular, thanks to the intervention of Tom Holland.

On criticism from Martin Scorsese

Amid Disney +’s launch, Kevin Mayer, Disney Product Manager, said in a conversation with The Verge that the company was pleased with its position.

We are not at all embarrassed by the fact that we have such massive blockbusters that people like. If you look at the successes in the collections, then they are evidence of how popular these films are among the audience.

Therefore, we continue to make more films, and it seems to me that we are developing in the right direction. I also think that by our actions we support the film business.

We are happy that we have these films, and they, as big events, will continue to go out in cinemas.

Kevin Mayer

Disney Product Head

When Disney + will launch in Russia is still unknown. The online cinema will appear in the second wave of countries on March 31, and so far only Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have been named in it.

At the start of the service, dozens of TV shows and films are available, including all episodes of Star Wars, except for The Last Jedi – the eighth film will appear in an online movie theater later, like Solo.

All franchise films from episode one to seven support Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos, and Rogue One is available in 4K HDR.

Disney + will launch in the second wave of countries on March 31


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