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Directed by Robert B. Weide: how did the famous meme about awkward situations come about and what Robert B. Wyde himself thinks about it

A picture that has not only sound, but also an association with thousands of dips from the Internet.

Quite often on the Internet you can stumble upon videos with failures or extremely awkward situations. Despite the different scenes, they end pretty much the same way: a black screen, fun music and credits starting with “Directed by Robert B. Weide”.

All meme authors have taken this screensaver from the series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. And for several years she began to be inextricably associated with a sense of awkwardness from someone else’s actions.  recalled the story of the famous meme and found out what people think about him who immortalized themselves in the credits of a popular screensaver.

Screen saver history

The series “Die your enthusiasm” is not very popular in Russia. The American sitcom went to HBO since 2000, survived nine seasons in 17 years and 43 nominations for an Emmy with two wins. And for the most part, the show revolved around the figure of Larry David.

David began his career as a Saturday Night Live screenwriter, and in 1989 teamed up with comedian Jerry Seinfeld to create the Seinfeld sitcom, which had a big impact on pop culture. The media regularly put him in the first places of the best television shows of all time – in any case, before the advent of the “new wave” series like “Game of Thrones”.

If in “Seinfeld” Larry David was a screenwriter and prototype of one of the characters, then in “Die your enthusiasm” he has already become a human orchestra. David is simultaneously a showrunner, screenwriter and lead actor, and he plays a fictional version of himself.

Larry david

In the famous final screen saver, Larry David comes second after Robert B. Weide, who directed many episodes of the show. And the author of the music is the Italian composer Luciano Michelini. Initially, he wrote the melody for the 1974 film La Bellissima Estate, and then they began to use it in commercials. David heard her in the bank’s advertisement and realized that he wanted to put it in her screensaver.

Luciano recalled that at that moment he had no contact with the creators of the show: he was simply informed that they bought the rights to the melody for some American project. “The funny thing is that they even asked if I was still alive, because they acquired the rights in 1999, and I wrote it in 1974,” the composer added.

Luciano Miquelini performs the same tune

Temper your memes

Much of the comedy in Die Your Enthusiasm is built on absurd and awkward situations. And often such ridiculous endings were just replaced by credits with a characteristic funny melody. So the association “awkward situation – the transition to a splash screen with a melody” appeared.

A typical example of the ending of a series

According to Know Your Meme, for the first time using the melody from “Die Your Enthusiasm” we beat the most awkward situation of 2015. On December 21, the final of the Miss Universe beauty pageant was held in Las Vegas . In the end, there were two girls – the Colombian Ariadna Gutierrez (Ariadna Gutierrez) and the Filipina Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach).

The host of the contest, comedian Steve Harvey, announced the name of the winner while the girls held hands. First he called “Miss Universe” Gutierrez – she was handed a bouquet and put a crown on her head. But a few minutes later, Harvey apologized and said that he had mixed everything up. They removed the crown from the Colombian woman and handed it to another girl. On YouTube, they decided that this situation simply must end with characteristic music and a screensaver.

This has created a trend for videos with similar endings. You can find them on YouTube by navigating “Curb Your x,” where “x” is a description of the appropriate situation. In fact, any video that ended in failure or some awkward moment came under the meme.

Not without remixes of the melody itself in a variety of styles.

Three and a half years later, the meme is still popular: there are a lot of videos with Internet failures, and users, apparently, will not calm down until they complete all the screensaver from “Die your enthusiasm”.

At some point, they realized in social networks that a black screen with the inscription “Directed by Robert B. Weide” is already a strong association with the whole screen saver, because this is the first thing that appears on the screen after the music starts. Then users simply began to put a screenshot at the end of awkward and disastrous stories. “This picture has a sound,” commentators say.

What do the creators of the series think about meme

Over the years the meme has existed, reporters have repeatedly asked its random co-authors – Larry David, Luciano Miquelini, and Robert B. Wade – about their attitude to popular jokes. And each of them has its own position.

Larry David, for example, does not sit on social networks. And in 2018, when he asked The New York Times about the phenomenon of the splash screen of his series on the Internet, he replied: “I don’t know anything about this.” But then he added: “Sometimes they send me all kinds of videos with music from“ Die Your Enthusiasm “at the end. Some I find a little bit funny, others not so much. I never seriously thought about why people do this. ”

73-year-old Mikelini refers to a simpler memo: “This melody just has comedic DNA.” According to him, he watched several parody videos on YouTube, and they seemed funny to the composer. The Italian added that he was only happy with this use of his work.

But the most unusual happened with the director Robert B. Wade. If you don’t know the context of the meme, then it may seem as if Weide directed the memes, and not the series “Die your enthusiasm”. And in 2018, his patience snapped .

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Numerous videomemes with the signature “Directed by Robert B. Weide” are not really the work of Robert B. Weide. They are made by other people as a reference to the series “Die your enthusiasm”, for which I filmed episodes. If you went to my facebook for memes, then you are not at the address.

Robert B. Uyade


However, on July 17, 2019, the director resigned himself to being known primarily from the meme screensaver: “Despite the fixed post that I do not do memes with the“ Directed by Robert B. Weide ”screensaver, about 23 thousand of my subscribers Facebook does not understand this. Okay. I don’t think this photo will help somehow. ”

The first comment one user explained to the director: “We are signing up to show our appreciation for the fact that you inspired us with these memes.”


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