Bidding for Fox: Disney boosts its offer to $ 71.3 billion

Comcast is again in the role of a follower.

Initially, Disney offered $ 52.4 billion for Fox, but Comcast soon tried to interrupt this deal with an offer of $ 65 billion. But Disney decided not to give up and raised its offer to 71.3 billion.

Thus, at the moment, two giant corporations are trying to buy Fox in auction format. Apparently, the transaction will take place when one of the two companies gives up.

It is worth noting that Comcast offers its amount in a “pure” form, whereas Disney invests in the offer not only money, but also shares.

Earlier, Fox announced its decision to leave the unstable entertainment market and sell its channels, film studios and television production to Disney. At the same time, after the transaction, Fox itself intends to take the name New Fox and concentrate on the news and sports broadcasts.

In mid-June, The Verge Portal showed how Disney + Fox and Comcast + Fox could potentially look like.

The first option is more interesting for fans of Marvel comics, since the key characters of this universe can finally be at the disposal of Marvel Studios.


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