Ben Affleck is likely to become old Batman in 2021

Warner Bros. appointed the premiere of the movie “Batman” in 2021, reports Deadline. The picture will be released on June 25, the director will be Matt Reeves, who has not previously been “familiar” with the man – the bat. Ben Affleck will play Bruce Wayne, but the picture, which is the restart of the franchise, will tell about the young Batman, and Affleck, apparently, will not have to try on the tights.

According to the original plan, the director of the film and one of the screenwriters of “Batman” was to make Ben Affleck, but his employment did not allow to realize his plans. Also from the very announcement it was stated that the appearance of an actor in the image of a fighter for justice is a big question.

Presumably, “Batman” will be more of a detective story than an action game, but before the release of the film can still change.


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