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Banksy has opened an online store, which will be determined by the buyer of the goods random way

The artist was forced to open it in order to preserve the trademark.

British artist Banksy opened an online store called Gross Domestic Product. He announced this on Instagram.

I opened a store. It is called the Gross Domestic Product. It sells paintings, household goods and disappointment.

A distinctive feature of the online store is an unusual way of distributing goods. Visitors can apply for the item they like, but after that the system will randomly identify customers. Everyone will be able to purchase no more than one item.

The developers also made an unusual way to confirm the order instead of captcha. Gross Domestic Product buyers are required to write a short essay on “Is Art Important?”

In early October, Banksy opened a store in London with “impractical and offensive” things to protect the right to a trademark with his name. The name Banksy tried to take over the company for the production of postcards, after which it was recommended that he start selling his own works in order to protect his rights.


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