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After watching Iron Man 2, Steve Jobs called Disney CEO Bob Iger and said the movie sucks

Apple co-founder basically didn't like comics.

By the time this conversation took place, Steve Jobs and Bob Iger were good friends – the co-founder of Apple was the largest shareholder of Disney and often helped the head of the company make decisions. In particular, he played a key role in the purchase of Marvel, which at that time had released only the first Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Both entrepreneurs openly criticized each other, not taking it to heart – that is why Jobs did not hesitate to say what he thinks about Iron Man 2.

When Iron Man 2 came out, Steve took his son to the movies and called me the next day. He said: “We went with Reid to the film. That sucks. ”Bob Iger

head of disney

Iron Man 2 was coolly received by critics, and the authors themselves did not hide the fact that during the work they had problems with the script. Bob Iger knew about all this and therefore told Jobs in response that the film has good fees – according to the results of the rental, he had 623 million dollars.

Disney herself did not have time to put her hand to the creation of the film – the film was released only two months after the purchase of Marvel. Therefore, Jobs’s comment was rather a friendly rebuke towards Iger, to whom Apple co-founder had previously spoken about his attitude to comics.

Jobs told Iiger that he hates comics even more than games, and so he was skeptical about the idea of ​​the head of Disney to buy Marvel.

Then Apple co-founder nevertheless trusted a friend and helped him realize the deal – Jobs called one of the Marvel shareholders and convinced him of Iger’s intentions and his sincere interest.

Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke about criticism of Iron Man 2 and his relationship with Steve Jobs in The Ride of a Lifetime, published September 23. It is dedicated to 15 years of work as the head of the company and lessons learned.

“If he was still alive, we would join our companies”: Disney CEO Bob Iger on friendship with Steve Jobs 


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