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Ideal wallpapers for a multi-screen system – a meme with screaming women and a puzzled cat

One of the main memes of the year is transferred to real life, installing on the desktop on devices at home, in offices and electronics stores.

One of the most popular and “tenacious” memes of 2019 is about a puzzled cat at a table at which two women shout. TJ spoke in detail about him in June. In short: in fact, the two parts of the picture are not connected in any way. The shot on the left is an excerpt from the show “Real Housewives Beverly Hills.” The frame on the right is a picture from Tumblr, where the cat was published in front of a plate with vegetables and the caption “he does not like vegetables.”

The combined picture began to personify the reaction of people to unexpected or unfounded accusations.

Meme: Two women scream at the puzzled cat at the table

For three months, the meme then disappeared, then reborn again – already in a slightly different format. In early August, the picture became a symbol of exaggeration of the role of video games in mass shootings in the United States. In the same month, they began to make skits on the puzzled cat, repeating the familiar plot with characters from games and cartoons.




By the beginning of September, the meme continues to live – this time in the form of wallpaper for several desktops. On September 9, a Canadian game developer named Rokashi noticed that someone had placed a meme on three iPhones in an electronics store.

It turned out that they have been doing this for several weeks now. On Reddit, you can find similar sweepstakes with Samsung smartphones and laptops.

Also, users of social networks set a meme as wallpaper on different monitors at home and in the office: on one screaming woman, on the other – a cat.

On Reddit, it was even turned into a meme based on a meme.

My colleague complains that I changed the wallpaper on her desktop / I

PS Both wallpapers can be downloaded in high quality: with screaming women and a puzzled cat .

The cat from the meme is called Smuj, and since June more than 600 thousand people have subscribed to his Instagram.


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