In the network there were videos with samples for the role of Geralt for the TV series The Witcher


According to media reports, the show will begin shooting in November.

Portal Omega Underground drew attention to two video recordings with samples for the role of the witcher Geralt for the series Netflix. They were published by American actor Michael McIntyre. He did not post any other videos besides these on video hosting.

The replicas in the conversation correspond to the previously published texts for the samples. Shownerner Loren Hissrich warned that these scenes will not be included in the series – but they were written in the spirit of the show and the characters themselves.

Also, its video with samples for the role of Jennifer published by American actress Sarah Wylie.

In July , videos appeared

 on the network with audition for the same role with other actresses.

Earlier, the actor Zach McGowan, famous for his roles in Black Sails and Shameless, told on his Twitter account that he planned to “fight” for the role of Geralt. Fans of McGown immediately imagined him as a monster hunter.

Besides him, recently his version of Geralt was presented by Max Beesley (Max Beesley) – he played in the TV shows “Motherland” and “Force Majeure”

On August 20, the sources of the publication Discussing Film reported that the shooting of the series will begin on November 5 in the pavilions of Budapest.

Netflix’s The Witcher premiere is scheduled for 2020. The first season will be eight episodes.


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